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PostSubject: Plot   Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:25 pm

Camryn is the daughter of the Beta of the Blue Moon Pack. From a young age, she was spoiled but she was best friends with one of the packs Omega, who was also her personal maid. She did everything with her but once she hit high school, her attitude changed. She rarely spoke to Selene in public, perfering to do as her friends did and make fun of her instead. Though when the two were alone, she would say she was sorry get her best friend to forgive her.

Well she is put into a arrange marriage which she gladly accepts since the guy is the Alpha of Kumori Pack. The Kumori is on of the strongest packs in the world. But her world comes crashing down when its indeedSelene who is his mate, thus taking the title of Alpha female she was to have. This puts their friendship and trust to the other on the line. What gets worse is Camryn finds her true mate, the Alpha's personal servent.

In the werewolf world, the female takes the male's rank.

Camryn now has to deal with learning to love one true and forget superficial factors. Learning to accept her true self and see that her best friend was the one who was truly there for her everytime.

Selene has to learn to be the ruler she truly as well as love and not let her pass stop her. She must see the true side to her friend, and realize that to Camryn she was more than just a servent.
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