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 Thor's Creations

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Aminta Amaya


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PostSubject: Thor's Creations   Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:19 am

Thor was tired of seeing his mighty warriors, his Vikings, choosing women who were not worthy of them, not worthy of being Shield Maidens, and weakening the blood lines. When he finally had enough he started to create women worthy of being Shield Maidens. Women who would create the best warriors. Sadly he had many failed attempts though that wasn't his fault as the women he had created ended up turning weak not being able to handle the ways of the Viking men. Finally though he made two perfect creations. Two women who were the best in every style of fighting, fierce hunters, strong protectors, great providers, earthly beautiful, and passionate lovers. Once they were as great as they could be Thor sent them to Earth and made it seem like the women were always there. Men wanted them and fought many battles trying to prove their worth to them. Women hated them and plotted against them. In the end they were his pride and joy and he claimed them as his daughters. This is their lives.
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Thor's Creations
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